Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions


1. How long have you been doing this Market?

The Dartmouth Makers was founded in 2014, with our first Inaugural Market being held at King’s Wharf in May of 2015. We now hold two annual Markets a year, one in Spring (May) and one in Winter (November) at the Christ Church Parish Hall in Downtown Dartmouth.

2. Why is your Market not opened on Sunday?

The Parish Hall is owned and operated by The Christ Church and they use the hall on Sundays for their own events.

3. Are there any ATMs on site?

No. There are numerous banks and ATMs within walking distance of the Market.

4. Where can I park?

Street parking is free from 6:00pm on Friday and all day on Saturday in Downtown Dartmouth. On Saturday parking is also free at Alderney Landing (a short walk up Ochterloney) and there is a Public Parking lot located behind Portland Street between King and Prince Streets.

5. How many board members are there?

There are currently five board members who are makers themselves and span different mediums of craft. Each member is responsible for a variety of tasks and must show that they are proficient in their craft.

6. How do I become a board member or volunteer?

To become a volunteer you can email us at: or fill out the contact form here.

Becoming a board member is a juried processes. If you are seriously interested in joining our board please contact us at: or fill out the contact form here.

7. Who do I see at your Market if I have questions?

Each Market is run by an Event Manager who is around for the duration of the Market. We also have a number of volunteers throughout the weekend. If you need assistance, please see the event staff at our reception desk.

8. How many makers sell at your market?

We have 58 maker spots at our Market.

9. Seems like you might outgrow the location, have you thought about moving?

The Dartmouth Makers believe in hosting our market within Downtown Dartmouth to create vibrant arts within this community. With limited local locations that fit our mission statement, we feel The Parish Hall is currently our best location and home.


Maker Questions

10. How much does it cost to participate as a Maker?

4’ tables for winter are $85, while 6’ tables for winter are $125, with tables are chairs provided.

4’ tables for spring are $75, while 6’ tables for spring are $115, with tables are chairs provided.

Food vendor can also apply for use of the Parish Hall’s Commercial Kitchen. The cost to rent the Kitchen is $200.

11. How are makers selected?

Each board member votes anonymously, giving each maker a score from 1-25. Scores are tallied and applications are discussed. Every category has a jury-recommended quota of Makers allowed and we curate based on these guidelines. Even when we see a high volume of Makers in one category, we generally will not exceed the recommended quota. We select one Maker from each category based on scores and discussion for our Waitlist.

12. What are The Dartmouth Makers looking for when they curate?

Unique products and ideas, originality, and skill at their craft. Handmade content is important and scores high. We also strive to create a balance of emerging and established talent.

13. Why wasn't my application accepted?

This is the hardest question to answer, but with only 58 spots at our market, we often have several talented Makers vying for limited spots. We jury based on a democratic system where every application is reviewed. While we wish we could accept everyone, we try to select a diverse range of work each season and are mindful of creating a rotating roster of different Makers for every show. We always encourage you to keep applying and not to take it personally.

14. Can I apply if I'm not from Dartmouth?

Yes, you can! We accept up to 15% of our applicants from outside Nova Scotia. Priority is given to Makers in the Maritimes, and in tiebreaker situations, Makers from Dartmouth are given preference.

15. Can I share my table/space with another maker?

No, we do not allow makers to share tables. Any vendors wishing to be next to one another can make a request when they submit their application.

16. Can I bring my own table if accepted? Can I get a discount?

Yes, you are permitted to bring your own table and set-up, but are required to notify us. We do not offer any discounts if you bring your own table, as you are paying for the space and not the table itself.

17. Can someone else sell my work on my behalf?

You are permitted to have someone help work your table, but Makers must be present at the event.

18. Is there anything I should bring to the event if I'm accepted?

A great attitude, ample change, chargers, extension cords, and maybe some snacks. If your product requires a lot of lighting we highly recommend you bring your own. If you have any special. requests, please add them to your application.

19. I can only do one out of the two days! Can i apply for only one day for a discount?

No, the Dartmouth Makers Markets are two-day events and accepted Makers are required for the duration of the event. No exceptions.

20. If accepted, when can I set up and get access to the location?

Set-up is scheduled for 2.5 hours before the event starts on Friday afternoon. Access is available from 8:00 am on Saturday morning.

21. What is your cancellation policy?

Once your application has been accepted and payment has been received, table fees are non-refundable. Makers can cancel anytime before payment deadline.

22. Will Wifi be provided at the market?

No. Wifi is not available at the location.